Modern furniture for interior design: Five tips for creating an aesthetically pleasing and functional space

The idea that modern furniture is only suitable for modern, or even futuristic interiors, is a common misconception. In fact, it is also perfectly suited to a classic style or even a Provençal home. Modern furniture is, first and foremost, a guarantee of top quality that’s as good-looking as it is sustainable and practical. These are the key criteria for a good interior design.

Here are five tips for those looking to keep their home comfortable and tidy:

1. Modern hallway furniture to prevent chaos

Modern living room furniture

There’s nothing worse than entering your home and immediately being faced with chaos. Scattered shoes, or out-of-place coats, are never the sign of a tidy home. Modern furniture is the perfect solution to space constraints, as much of it is custom-made to make the most of every centimetre.

The quality of frequently-used furniture, like shoe racks or a wardrobe, should be your major focus. It is important to make sure the surfaces are damage-resistant and easy to clean. You should also consider including additional storage space for shoes and clothes.

All the decorations are functional, so we recommend exploring more interesting textures or shapes if you’re looking for a more intricate design. Modern furniture tends to have clean and smooth lines, but when several pieces are combined, they can create a rather ornate design.

Currently, a highly popular option is furniture that looks one way but has unexpected uses, be it a bench equipped with a shoe storage system or a shelf that can be pushed open to provide storage space for additional items.

You’ll need the right home accessories if you’re looking for extra cosiness. However, we recommend not overloading the hallway with these accessories. Instead, choose a classic-style home fragrance that looks good and adds a real sense of luxury.

2. Modern living room furniture to save space 

Modern bedroom furniture

Modern home interior styles are very often intertwined, but as a general rule, there’s no need to overcrowd your interior spaces. That’s why modern homes typically have many pieces of furniture that serve additional functions, like a corner sofa that easily transforms into a double bed or a coffee table that turns into a dining table.

These types of furniture are often referred to as transformers and are the epitome of modern furniture. Custom-made furniture is perfect for your family’s needs and does not take up extra space when not in use.

However, the living room’s centrepiece should be high-quality upholstered furniture to give a cosy feeling and emphasise the unique aspects of your interior. Custom-made upholstered furniture is the way to go if you want something unique. The best furniture manufacturers are committed to making the perfect item of furniture for your home, using a single drawing or picture as a reference.

Modern kitchen furniture should also be a priority if your living room and kitchen share the same space.

3. Bedroom furniture to add warmth

Modern living room furniture

Experts are unanimous in saying that electronic devices should stay away from the bedroom to improve sleep quality. However, if you want to watch TV in bed, you should consider including a built-in TV in the wardrobe. It’s the best choice for a minimalist home.

The modern interior is a little more liberal than a traditional one, so we recommend focusing on lighting as it helps create the exact ambience you’re looking for. Adding natural light is one of the key criteria. The same applies to blackout curtains. We recommend choosing light-coloured and lightweight curtains that don’t make the room look smaller. However, they must still serve their purpose and make the room pitch-black.

Artificial lighting is very often built into modern furniture. In this case, it’s very important that your lighting highlights the right areas, such as the distinctive textures or metallic details in your furniture. We recommend avoiding bright lights in the bedroom and having at least a few different lighting options.

4. Modern and aesthetic bathroom furniture 

Modern bathroom furniture

Modern furniture often combines wood with bold metallic details. This type of furniture can make the bathroom feel more natural and clean. Due to constantly changing temperatures and steam, all bathroom furniture should be easy to maintain. Therefore, looking at the materials used in the manufacturing process is essential.

An aesthetically pleasing bathroom can’t be chaotic, so your body care products and other clutter should be stored on closed shelves. Mass-produced furniture is often not the right size, so it’s better to consider a custom-made solution.

If you’re looking for something playful, we recommend going for brighter-colour details or interesting, unconventional textures.

5. Outdoor furniture – a must for the summer season

Modern outdoor funiture

Modern interior design is not limited to the inside of your home, as your backyard should be a part of your design plan too. Outdoor furniture is all the rage this season. Outdoor kitchens, tables, chairs and upholstered benches should have clear lines, be easy to rearrange, and, of course, be sustainable. Interestingly, plants can help you achieve a modern style. All you need is plants with stricter shapes and geometrically neat lines.

Handmade products are the most fashionable, so if you’re looking to update your existing furniture, opt for one-off pieces that will look special and add a touch of originality to the whole ensemble.

Including a barbecue in your outdoor furniture set is the most popular solution. This saves space and results in a seamless and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

With the right modern furniture, any area of your home can be much more functional and aesthetically pleasing. To have furniture that best suits your personal needs, a good idea is to opt for custom-made furniture. This way, you’ll get to play around with more colours and make the most of your available space without overloading it.

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